china capital arts, the store you’ve never heard of

Unless you live in mid to south Michigan, the east side. Then you’ve probably never heard of China Capital Arts, its an import store for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean snacks, art, statuary, insence, chopsticks, good luck charms, and everything asian under the sun.

Now  in the location at Great Lakes Crossing mall, they know me by name, I’m pretty much their once every one-two weeks. I’ve spent well over $100 dollars there, mostly in Ramune Soda, but that’s another story. I’ve bought a Japanese Buddha statue for my shrine, Ramune, Pockey, Maneki Nekos, and countless other things. The employees are friendly, great price (they don’t charge tax!!!), and everything is cool. If you live in the mid east, or south east Michigan Find a location and check it out!!!

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